Blissful Body Yoga + Skincare was born out of a love of yoga, aromatherapy, and skincare products. 

In 2016, I made a drastic and unexpected move back to my small Southern Indiana hometown -- quitting my job in the city and moving my family back into my parents' house while in between selling, buying, and renovating a new home. After the relocation, I noticed a major increase in my depression and anxiety despite medication. With two small daughters (a brand new baby and a four-year-old), a career deferred, and the relentless isolation of moving from everything I knew, I felt as if I had no clear direction of where my life was going.

Yoga had been a part of my life before my second pregnancy, and I knew I needed some type of practice to get my mental health back in check. I soon found a beautiful local yoga studio and fell in love with Yin Yoga -- taking time to rest, restore, and reset my body and mind was making me a kinder and more patient person, and I knew it was something that I wanted to share with others. 

In 2017, I earned my 200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher Certification through the Yoga Alliance. I currently teach Yin classes at the same studio where I study, as well as the local YMCA.  I'm an avid believer in taking time out of our busy lives (and taking time off from heavy workouts!) to rest + restore our bodies and minds. My intention to bring a deep level of peace and an awareness of body + breath to every student I teach. 

In addition to yoga, I'm also passionate about aromatherapy and skincare. Aromatherapy is an important part of my teaching style -- connecting the benefits of essential oils to our emotions, chakras, meridian lines, and general human anatomy. A single scent applied in an appropriate manner can change our thinking patterns, increase or decrease our energy, and improve our overall well-being. 

As a melanoma survivor, I've become increasingly aware of the health of my skin and that of my daughters. Creating natural body butters + scrubs, lip balms, and mud masks became an off-shoot of my daily aromatherapy practice, and I'm proud to be able to offer others the same gentle products that I use on myself and my girls. 

I make my products in small batches and pour a lot of love and care into each one. I hope you can use them to create a healthy exterior on your journey to create a healthier and kinder body + mindset.



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